Dutch Ch. Roy Hill's White Lily (Lily)

Dutch Ch. Roy Hill's White Lily (Lily)

  • HD A
  • Dutch Champion
  • Dutch Junior Champion
  • Benelux Winner, NL'18
  • Amsterdam Junior Winner'16
  • 1 ex. Open bitch. CAC & BOS at Benelux Winner Show'18
  • 1 ex. Open bitch. CAC & BOB at Martini Dog Show2'18
  • 1 ex. Open bitch. CAC & BOS at Martini Dog Show1'18
  • 1ex. Junior at Amsterdam Winner Show'16
  • 1ex. Junior.res.CAC&BOBJ at Holland Cup'16
  • 1ex. Junior.CAC&BOS at Bleiswijk Show2'16
  • 1ex.Junior & res.CAC at K&P hondenshow (group5 specialty)'16
  • 1ex.Junior .CAC&BOS at Baronie Show '16
  • 1VP.Baby at Amsterdam Winner show'15
  • 1P.Baby at Holland Cup'15
  • 1VP.Best Baby in Breed at Bleiswijk Show1'15

Lily is a special girl, and she knows it. 

Lily was retained from Stars first litter, loves playing with her brother Mamba, and getting up to mischief together, a delight to live with very affectionate and playful a typical Thai Bangkaew Dog in temperament, reserved with strangers until she gets to know them. 

Lily wakes me up in the morning by laying on my chest, and puts her paws around my neck and then licks vigorously any part of my face that isn't covered...

Due to my health problems, she has only been sporadically shown and had to miss most shows entered, so very proud of what she's achieved.

I'm looking forward to spring 2019 when Lily will travel with me to Thailand for breeding.  Exciting times ahead 

Always owner/breeder/handled