Roy Hill's Mamba'JW'16 (Mamba)

Roy Hill's Mamba'JW'16 (Mamba)

  • Amsterdam Junior Winner'16
  • 1 ex.Open Dog. CAC & BOB at Martini Dog Show1'18
  • 1ex. Junior &BOBJ at Amsterdam Winner Show'16
  • 1zg. Junior at Holland Cup'16
  • 1ex.Junior & res.CAC at K&P hondenshow (group5 specialty)'16
  • 1VP&Best Baby in Breed at Amsterdam Winner Show'15
  • 2VP.Baby at Holland Cup'15
  • 1VP. Baby at Bleiswijk show'15

Mamba is my baby boy, retained from Stars first litter. He's a kind and sensitive soul and will touch my face gently with his paw or sit up in a begging position to get my attention. Mamba is your typical Thai Bangkaew Dog reserved with strangers until he gets to know them.

Mamba has a very good nose and can find even the smallest crumb under the sofa. He has figured out how to open doors and can jump very high from a standstill, is also a very keen landscape gardener but most of all he loves to just snuggle up on my lap.

Mamba is a striking individual and has only been very lightly shown to date.

Always owner/breeder/handled